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CSS: TeleForm, Election, and Scanning Services


As Certified TeleForm Partners since 1992, CSS is proud to offer a wide variety of TeleForm-related services including:

  • form design services (we have designed more than 1,000 TeleForm forms including numerous CRFs for clinical trials)
  • custom scripting including form scripts, custom connect agents, etc.
  • consulting services including software upgrades and migrations, hardware/software specifications, proof of concepts, etc.
  • first class support services (we provide first line maintenance and support via software which allows us to see issues in real-time)
  • hourly support services for those with expired maintenance and support
  • customized training classes (available at your site or on-line, no additional charge per attendee, tailored to your specific needs with hands-on exercises using your forms)

CSS combines its database and optical scanning expertise to provide a full range of election processing services to our customers, including:

  • design and layout of election materials
  • seamless integration of paper and electronic votes to ensure each member can only vote once
  • collection and processing of paper ballot returns (including optical scanning and serialization of the ballots)
  • electronic tabulation of election results
  • reports and graphs of election results (e.g., demographic analyses)
  • proprietary software for validating results (i.e., for a Tellers Committee)

CSS combines its database and optical scanning expertise to offer many different services to our scanning customers, including:

  • form design and reproduction
  • form personalization (merge information onto printed forms)
  • mail preparation
  • collection, opening, and validation of returns
  • scanning (forms can include any combination of multiple choice fields, hand-printed fields, machine-printed fields, bar-coded fields, and image fields)
  • comment collection via image capture and/or manual data entry
  • form imprinting during scanning (e.g., date scanned, serial number 1 to n, etc.)
  • custom reports and graphs including cross tabulations
  • database design and setup
  • tracking of returns while preserving anonymity