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CSS: TeleForm, eForm Suite, and Liquid Office Solutions


TeleForm automatically captures information from paper forms that people have filled out and exports the data to many different database formats. It captures hand- and machine-printed characters, bar codes, shaded or checked bubbles, circled responses, and signatures. TeleForm can be used for a wide variety of applications, including health care, education, government, etc.

Reduces data entry costs by up to 95%

Speeds the retrieval of the collected data (and optionally, form images) from your back-end systems

Scalable from single user (Desktop) to Enterprise-wide solutions

eForms can be integrated via the TeleForm eForm Suite add-on or via LiquidOffice

The TeleForm eForm Suite works seamlessly with TeleForm, allowing you to collect data from paper and eForms simultaneously. You design your forms once within TeleForm Designer, then export them via the eForm Suite in your choice of HTML or PDF format for deployment on your web server.

The eForm Suite is based on open industry standards including HTML5. Respondents can complete forms using their PCs, iPads, tablets, or other mobile devices—the only requirement is a web browser (plus free Adobe Reader for PDF eForms). Data is validated upon entry, encrypted, routed to TeleForm, and automatically processed and exported using the same data exports as for a paper form.

Supports all popular browsers and platforms, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Opera on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux

Provides real-time data validation that eliminates manual data verification

Create PDF portfolios by combining multiple forms for applications such as clinical trials

Forms can be signed using a variety of technologies

Collect data online or offline (offline data is uploaded at a later time when a data connection is re-established)

LiquidOffice is a powerful web-based solution for creating, routing, and managing electronic forms. LiquidOffice is the fastest way for organizations to put forms online and automate business processes.

LiquidOffice automatically routes forms to the appropriate person or department and notifies managers by e-mail when digital approvals are needed. This results in efficient and secure processing of enterprise information. LiquidOffice can fully automate the processes of complex business environments and is the only business process management solution that offers enterprise-class search.

Quickly create forms and workflows via intuitive drag-and-drop interfaces

Increase process speed by eliminating idle time between tasks, assembling all supporting information and minimizing human touch points

Reduce compliance risk by making processes consistent and auditable

View key performance indicators (KPI) in real time to identify bottlenecks, audit usage, analyze process data, and handle exceptions

Ensure adherence to best practices across a distributed workforce by enforcing consistency, facilitating collaboration, and enabling continuous process improvements