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TeleForm Software

TeleForm consists of five integrated modules:

Designer is a full-featured forms design package which allows you to define data validation options, set form attributes, and configure data export(s).  Its intuitive user interface shows you the form (or field) as you build it.

Scan Station allows you to scan forms and documents with your image scanner in batch or non-batch modes.  You can change scanner settings (e.g., paper size) at any time, and can create job configurations for special processing needs.

Reader generally runs in the background, and handles collection and interpretation of images from the scanner, fax server, and/or a network directory.  Reader determines what types of forms are present, and then uses the appropriate form template(s) to extract the desired information from the forms.  If the Reader has difficulty interpreting any field on a form, the field is flagged and the form is held for review using the Verifier.

Verifier is used to verify and/or correct those forms which were marked for review by the Reader.  Verifier displays the scanned image of any form needing review, so there is no need to find the paper form.  The Verifier has many different configuration options—you can customize it to meet your needs.

Auto Merge Publisher (AMP) is used to pre-print information from a database or spreadsheet onto forms prior to distribution.  AMP also provides the ability to print serial numbers onto anonymous surveys to insure that each respondent's information stays together.  AMP also includes a developer's toolkit for special merging needs.

You can also collect data from electronic forms posted on your website by using TeleForm's eForm Option. This functionality is now provided by the LiquidOffice Public eForms Server (PES)

TeleForm can export data directly into most major commercial database and spreadsheet packages, and to comma-separated (.csv) data files.  TeleForm also supports custom exports to proprietary software applications.  TeleForm forms can be scanned and/or faxed in to your TeleForm PC.  TeleForm supports more than 100 popular desktop and production-level scanners.

Fax support is accomplished via fax software, a fax server (there are several certified for use with TeleForm), or by evaluating fax images that have been saved to a network directory.  For higher volume applications, one of the supported fax servers should be used.

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