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TeleForm Hardware

To help you get the most from your TeleForm investment, CSS sells and recommends scanners to meet your needs.  Scanner models change frequently, so contact us for up-to-date recommendations.  If you already have a scanner, we would be happy to check it for compatibility with TeleForm.

TeleForm includes built-in drivers and support for more than 100 popular desktop, workgroup, and production-level image scanners from nearly every scanner supplier, including Fujitsu, Bell & Howell, Canon, HP, Kodak, and Kofax.  Most scanners scan both sides of the paper at once and connect via a USB-2 interface.

TeleForm is compatible with leading Fax Server products, allowing you to connect your Information Capture system to millions of fax machines!  TeleForm supports Ruggedized Forms, automatically correcting skew and transmission errors common in fax transmissions.  You can even use the TeleForm AutoMerge Publisher to prefill forms, deliver them via fax, and track the responses.  Please contact CSS for fax server recommendations or to verify compatibility prior to a purchase.

TeleForm uses Microsoft SQL Server as its internal database.  The TeleForm Desktop installation includes Microsoft SQL Server Express, or you may use an existing SQL Server with TeleForm Desktop.  TeleForm Workgroup and Enterprise require Microsoft SQL Server.  Please contact CSS for a list of supported SQL Server versions.

Click here to download system requirements for TeleForm servers and workstations (in Adobe PDF format). Keep in mind that these requirements vary for different versions of TeleForm.

If you have any questions regarding requirements for TeleForm, please e-mail us at

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