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TeleForm eForm Suite

As an Electric Paper Partner, CSS is proud to offer the TeleForm eForm Suite to our TeleForm customers.

The eForm Suite converts your TeleForm system into a hybrid paper and eForm system. Using the Suite and TeleForm Designer, you can convert your form templates into HTML or PDF eForms which can be placed on a website or intranet site for online completion. Forms can also be completed on mobile devices and even saved offline for transmission at a later time.

All data from completed eForms comes back through TeleForm Reader and is exported using the same auto-exports that are used for paper forms. Thus, the eForm Suite doubles the value of your TeleForm system while you design the form once.

One of the many advantages of using eForms is immediate validation of data. Another advantage is the ability to add smart features to your forms.

The eForm Suite is based on open industry standards including HTML5. Users can complete forms using their PCs, iPads, tablets, or other mobile devices—the only requirement is a web browser (plus free Adobe Reader for PDF eForms).

Key features of the eForm Suite include:

For additional information about this exciting offering, please e-mail us at  We will contact you to discuss your specific eForm needs.
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